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Ms.Kaneta-Room 27 Locker Files
9/2/15 10:20 PM

Lucy Kaneta

3RD GRADE-ROOM 21: The Latest News 3/27/17

Hello Room 21 Parents!

The countdown has now begun and we are weeks away from the end-of-the-year SBAC test for 3rd grade. Minus spring break, our class has 5 weeks left to prepare for this state test given to all 3rd graders.

Please note the following regarding this important end-of-the-year test:

  1. Please do not be tardy or absent during the 2 weeks of testing. Once testing has started, any student who comes in late will NOT be allowed in the classroom, and will be placed in another room while we finish testing.
  2. Students have been shown to test better in their own classroom, with all their classmates, and with their own teacher. I will not be testing ANY make-up sessions.
  3. Week #1 of SBAC testing is from Monday, 5/8 to Thursday, 5/11/17. Friday, 5/12/17 is a make-up testing session for tardy and absent students. I will not be giving this test.
  4. Week #2 of SBAC testing is from Monday, 5/15 to Wednesday, 5/17/17. Thursday, 5/18, and Friday, 5/19 are make-up testing sessions for tardy and absent students. I will not be giving these tests.

On another note, 3rd grade is raising money to purchase Multiplication T-Shirts for students who demonstrate mastery of the times tables 0-9. We are also working together with 1st grade to fundraise for our grade level T-shirts. We will be selling roses in honor of Mother’s Day and a flyer and pre-order form will be sent home soon. Please support 1st and 3rd grade by ordering roses for Mother’s Day!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with the SBAC test and our Mother’s Day Rose fundraiser!

About Me

Hello, my name is Ms. Kaneta and I've been a teacher at Murchison Street School for many years! As a matter of fact, I am proud to share that this current year begins my 28th year here at Murchison! I find that every new school year brings a smile to my face when I meet new students who are cousins, brothers, or sisters of family members from previous years of teaching...and yes...even children of parents I have previously taught! Murchison Street School and its' community of students, parents, teachers, and administration have been a huge part of my life for many years.

As we always say...Once a Cub Always a Cub!

Let's have a great year,

Lucy Kaneta

3rd Grade-Room 21


College and Credentials


  • California State University, Los Angeles

             Bachelor of Music-Performance Major

  •  California State University, Los Angeles

             Teacher Credential-K-8, Multiple Subjects

  •   CLAD Credential

             Cross-Cultural Language Academic Development 

             (Certification to instruct ELD students)



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